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Edgy rhythms, rich melodies and harmonies - June Submarine crafts meaningful, epic indie rock records with an abundance of spiritual and historical references. With a classical and jazz overtone, their instrumentation and electrifying performance enchant the audience. (Instrumentation: lead guitar & vocals, bass, drums and keys)

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Alternative indie rock band June Submarine was founded in New York City in 2015 by Mario Dinis. The diversity of the city and band members give June Submarine a unique edge that defines its sound - post-rock with a tinge of folk, classical and world music. The songs are fueled by frontman and songwriter Dinis' rich and edgy low tenor vocals, classic and jazz-influenced instrumentation, as well as the beautifully understated drums. 

Mario Dinis calls his music “controlled chaos” and describes his ultimate goal as bringing musicians from all different religions, cultural backgrounds, and music traditions together to create a unique sound that vibrates with the universe. The band name reflects this deep sense of spirituality that also weaves through the song texts. It refers to the Roman goddess Juno and a vessel that connects humankind with the cosmos.  

In 2016, June Submarine released their first single "Just for Today", recorded with the Institute for Audio Research in New York City and has been building a buzz in the city's music scene playing over 25 shows at various famous New York venues such as The Bitter End, Bowery Electric, Piano's, Parkside Lounge, Alphabet Lounge, Klub 45, Sidewalk Cafe, Shrine and Desmond's Tavern.

The band is regularly performing all over the city and is currently preparing the recording of its first album.

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